What Is The Most Profitable Betting Strategy?

For football betting, you need a strategy that can make you a winner. And you will be surprised to know that there are many strategies you can consider. But you should be careful about your bankroll as most strategies would drain your bankroll immediately.

Let’s quickly go through the winning strategies

Martingale System

The Martingale System is more focused on covering losses than making profits. It says that the first loss can be covered in the second win. And the process is to keep the bet doubling after every loss.

For example, if you lose $100 in your first bet, you should invest $200 on the second bet and keep doubling the amount until you win and cover all the losses. And it is certain that you will win.

But the Martingale System has a drawback that is it requires lots of money. It isn’t for an average bettor who bets with limited money. You could go bankrupt if you don’t win a bet till you spend the last dollar in your account.

Proportional Betting

In Proportional Betting, you bet a portion of your betting budget and increase the betting price by the same percentage after every win.

For example, your budget is $1000 and you decide to bet 10% of the budget in betting. So, you spend $100 on the first bet and luckily you win the bet. You win $200 and your betting budget increases to $1200.

Now you have $1200 for betting and you can spend $120 on a bet. If you win again, you will get $240 that will further increase your bankroll. And if you lose, you will lose only $120 from the winning amount of $200.

Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence has a definite sequence for betting. First, two digits of the sequence are the same and third is the total of the first two digits. For example, take 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on.

Here you can take a unit for $100. You invest $100 on a bet and lose the bet. You put a second bet of the same unit ($100) and again lose it. You put the third bet of 2 units that is $200 and win the bet. The third bet covers the previous two losses.

Fibonacci Sequence looks similar to the Martingale System but it is slightly different from that. Here the rate of increase of bets, profit, and losses is much slower than the Martingale System.

Bet It All

As the name suggests, it involves investing all your money in a bet and hope for the best. If you win, you will get almost double the money. But if you lose, you will lose all the sum.

Fixed Amount Betting

In Fixed Amount Betting, you fix an amount for betting. For example, take $100 as the amount. The advantage of this system is that it won’t let you lose your entire amount quickly. With a 55% winning probability, you can save some money for future betting.

Football Betting Tipsters Strategies

Let’s rank the betting strategies

Proportional Betting is the winner as it provides more opportunities to win. You spend only a portion of your bankroll and keep the rest of the amount for future bets.

Fixed Amount Betting is the second winner as here you invest only a fixed sum on bets. If you lose the bet, you will lose only the decided amount.

Fibonacci Sequence is the third winner as it requires increasing the betting amount to cover losses. But the good thing is that the betting amount is increased in a sequence.

Martingale Betting system is the fourth winner as it isn’t for budget players. It could make them bankrupt in a short time.

Bet It All is the fifth winner as provides only one opportunity to win the bet. If you win, you will be a rich man. But if you lose, you will the entire sum.

Choose a betting strategy

You can choose a betting strategy depending on your bankroll and knowledge of betting. Starting with Proportional Betting will be a good idea as it will save you money even when you experience losses. In football betting, you need to focus on keeping losses to a minimum so that you have enough money left for your future bets.


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